About Burton Yale Pines


In writing America’s Greatest Blunder, Burton Yale Pines mobilizes his decades observing policy-making and historical crises. Initially trained as a historian at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), where he taught undergraduates, he later joined Time Magazine, reporting from Germany, Viet Nam and Vienna, where he was East European Bureau Chief. Then, as a Time editor, he chronicled much of the Cold War. Later, for more than a decade in Washington, as a think-tank executive, he witnessed first-hand the making of foreign and military policy. He is the author of Back to Basics: The Traditionalist Movement that is Sweeping Grassroots America and Out of Focus: Network Television and the American Economy. He is a three-time winner of the New York Newspaper Guild's "Page One Award for Excellence in Journalism." His essays on foreign and defense policy have appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other national publications.